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What you need to know about buying land in Acacia, Kitengela

Acacia is a luxurious estate within Kitengela Sub County, along the Nairobi Namanga road. It is 25 minutes from Nairobi CBD via the Nairobi-Namanga road and just 3 kilometers from Kitengela town.

The estate has been made famous by different controlled development companies that have set up superb structures for their clients. A notable entry in that field is Safaricom Investment Cooperative which has already completed Acacia Phase 1 and 2.

Notable roads connecting to or passing near Acacia are:

1. Nairobi-Namanga Road

2. Old Namanga Road, and

3. Acacia Main Feeder Road.

Whereas leasehold, public, and customary land zones exist in Kitengela and the larger Kajiado County, lots in Acacia are on freehold title deeds. The buyer is free to construct a house, sell, or even rent out their property as long as they have paid the last penny.

A 50×100ft goes for between 1.2 to 2million shillings.

A 100×100ft feet costs up to 4 million.

A 200 ×200 ft is being sold at between 6.5 and 7 million.

1.Scout for a family or an organization selling plots.

2. Fix a date to visit the location to ascertain that the land exists. Check the beacons, surroundings, terrain, and even the vegetation.

3. Request for a title deed copy and check for the plot status at the registry.

4. Contact a lawyer and ask for legal advice in drafting a sales agreement. Once it is ready, sign it together with the seller and witnesses.

5. Deposit an agreed-upon installment with your lawyer. Any money paid to your lawyer is only released to the seller when the deal is clean.

6. Visit Ardhi House to transfer your details to the title as soon as you have cleared with the seller.

7. Visit the Kajiado land registry not more than six months after the transfer to check whether all the necessary details were captured.

1.Safaricom Investment Cooperative

2. Tysons Limited

3. Rochman Properties

4. Cherd Africa

5. Vector Afrique Properties

6. Landmark Top Solutions

7. Regent Homes

Acacia Kitengela is known for its numerous controlled developments. For that reason, buyers purchase land purely to set up their own residence via real estate companies.

Acacia has a serene environment, somehow secluded from the noisy Kitengela town. This is mainly because of the controlled developments within it.

As for educational institutions, a couple of them are nearby. Examples are:

1. Orchard School Kitengela

2. Kitengela International School

3. Acacia School

4. Acacia Crest Academy, and

6. Umma University

Various hospitals and medical facilities are accessible, which guarantees the health of the residents. 

1. Aga Khan University Hospital

2. Batian Medical Center

3. Karen Hospital Kitengela

4. Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, and

5. Kitengela Sub County Hospital, are some of the health facilities.

You can also access fresh farm produce at the Kitengela Market, and meat from the Kitengela Slaughterhouse.

Acacia is accessible via the following roads:

1. Nairobi-Namanga Road

2. Old Namanga Road, and

3. Acacia Main Feeder Road

Security in Acacia is guaranteed especially if you have bought land in a gated community. The land is fenced within the neighborhood and can only be accessed via a gate with a guard. Also, Kitengela Police Station is 12 kilometers away.

The land search can be done at the Kajiado land registry, 45 minutes from Kitengela.

The process is seamless. Once you have correctly filled in the official ‘land search’ form, you will be asked to wait for between a few hours to a maximum of three days.

Land searches not only give details about the owner, but they will show you how the land has changed hands when you access the Green Card.

Since the process is not free, you should carry five hundred shillings for the service fee.

They are: